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Thank you, for visiting Librarian Chick!  A hearty welcome goes out to all StumbleUpon and del.icio.us users, and all of the people who have taken the time to write positive feedback! A good recommendation is the best kind of compliment, so if you've enjoyed your visit, please pass the link along to your friends and family!



Praise for Librarian Chick


"I was surfing the web for book-related sites and discovered your Librarian Chick site—what a great resource. As a freelance writer, it will come in very handy." - Mike Friskney, Juicespot


"I would be completely lost without Stacy's help!  I've been working with her for many years and she goes out of her way to help. This site is great and a terrific educational resource.  Thanks for your commitment to the industry!"  - Mark P. Peterson, President RhinoSoft.com


"The Librarian Chick wiki is the best index of free educational resources that I have encountered over two years of searching. The selected links include all of the best sites on the web as well as many lesser-known gems. I have been so impressed with the Librarian Chick wiki that I scrapped our own wiki to encourage collaboration with her." - The Stingy Scholar


"I am very impressed with the information and site sources you have compiled here. You have done a true service for your fellow man and I would like to express my thanks, I have made a small donation and just want to tell you I will be telling others of your site. Thank-you for all the work and your obvious love of books, Keep up the good work." - Guy Robinson


"A must visit for every free range learner. Librarian Chick rocks!" - Clinton from British Columbia, Canada


"I am particularly interested in the Books and Audio Books section, because many of our school libraries are looking for good ways of integrating digital and audio book resources." - Judy


"A mind boggling collection of links related learning and education. Warning for those so inclined: Prepare to lose hours and hours on this great website." - Pete from Connecticut, USA


"This one grabs me on so many levels...that Tina Fey look, Librarian Chick, and my own very literate 3-D love interest. All that and multi-links to lifelong learning - ya just can't lose." - BobDiddley from Quebec, Canada


"I just wanted to write that LibrarianChick is a fantastic resource, as well as an ambitious project. Well Done!" - Woeful


"Wow... this one is very handy-dandy... finally a site where i can get my resources. It beats old library work... great useful links!" - Miguel Anton from Quezon City, Philippines.


"Thumbs up just for the name." - San Diego, California


"I love having my own personal librarian, and this site is amazingly awesome!!!! (to say the least!:) I am a library addict. Okay. I admit it!" - Debbie from Washington DC


"An absolute treasure-trove. I could spend all day here and still come back for more! An invaluable site for any student or for, like me, the perpetually curious." - Christopher from Ohio


"Great resource anyone who has a passion for learning but a bit short of cash. The Internet is so amazing!" - Hoang from Singapore


 "This is an amazing resource---tons of free online books on nearly every subject imaginable. I'll be visiting often!" - Colleen from Harper Woods, Michigan





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